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Welcome to The Rosanna Golf Club

As a Club, we are proud to recognise the traditional owners of the land, the Wurundjeri-willam People.

Melbourne’s Northeast was the homeland of the Wurundjeri-willam tribe, who belonged to the Woiworung language group, and the greater Kulin Nation.

“The Premier, Private members Golf Club experience in the North of Melbourne”

Our Core Values Include

Respect For:

The game of golf and its history.
Our founding members and all those since who have contributed.
People from all walks of life.
The contemporary needs of the modern golfer.
Our Management, our staff, our members and their guests.

We Also Seek:

Excellence in everything we do.
A sense of family, friendship and fellowship.
To have fun and respect all stakeholders.

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Golf is assuredly a mystifying game.
If a person has hit a golf ball correctly a thousand times, he should be able to duplicate the performance at will.
But such is certainly not the case.

Bobby Jones Junior - 1963

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Fitting Event will run from 9am - 2pm on ...Saturday 6th of September, bookings can be made via pro shop.


Great news today - we’re opening!
Members, please see latest email for updated timesheet opening times and Club announcements!
We look ...forward to seeing you ⛳️

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Feature hole!!

Today we are featuring the 10th hole, we want you to comment your best memory/moment on the 10th hole. It is a great test of and is often referred to as a par 3.5 with the green being very hard to hit and not many easy places to make up and down from around the green.


Today we asked our course superintendent Dean Bailey what his favourite hole @rosannagolf is, his answer:

“The 2nd hole.
The variety ...of distance this hole can offer, will tend to make most golfers think carefully about their first shot.
This is a hole I need to think my way through and answer plenty of questions. Do I take on the fairway bunker? How aggressive am I with my second shot? Do I make sure I avoid what is possibly the hardest bunker on the course or avoid being long or right?
Always happy walking to the next tee if I haven’t caused too much damage here.”

#howgoodisgolf⛳️ #thankasuperintendent

Today’s favourite hole is from our club Captain Janet Hebden.

“Like most members, I have a love hate relationship with a lot of holes on... our beautiful course. I decided that my favourite is the 9th hole. Looking back at the changes made over the past 20 years, the playability of this hole has improved the most. There used to be huge pine trees either side of the fairway making it a sharp dogleg off the tee with no option to take a driver. The second shot up the hill was just trying to get in position to play the third. Three huge gum trees about 90 metres out made it really difficult to get to the green. Now the driver is an option and, if you risk being close to the river, you can shorten the hole substantially. The second shot has to avoid the fairway bunker which then allows a shot into the very large green. This is not a hole to go long! Over the back can leave you with an impossible shot and this hole has wrecked many a good score.
With members able to watch proceedings from the balcony, it has often been a crucial hole in championships and playoffs so, all things considered, it is a worthy contender for my favourite hole.”

Thanks Janet, stay tuned for tomorrow’s favourite hole @rosannagolf


Today’s hole of the day is from club President Rod Hughes.

His answer was the 18th hole for a different reason to what you might expect ...🙈

“Has to be the 18th for several reasons including my first tee shot on the day of the opening of the tee after the dam had finally been completed.
It was a thursday evening nearly dark and a group of us went down to the 18th tee to have the first shots over the dam.
At the time I could play a bit and was very confident this would be an easy shot and proceeded to cold top the drive straight into the dam thus entering
the RGC history books as the first member to put a ball in the new dam and one of the group there think it was John Kelly named it Lake Hughes which
I still get reminded of.”


Today we asked @marcus_raptopoulos_golf what his favourite hole @rosannagolf was his answer was quite funny.

“The 1st hole is perfect ...for my high power fade. Plenty of times I’ve hit it to 10ft from the tee and made eagle. A difficult hole for most but when you’re a Berwick PGA Associate Champion it comes easy. “